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Ultimate-D Description

A new paradigm in audio re-quantization
Ultimate-D combines advanced digital resolution enhancement processing, with an innovative and totally unique interface that uses intuitive parameters, so unlike traditional re-quantisation processors. Supreme simplicity, united with unparalleled quality.Re-quantisation is a necessary process that usually takes place at the end of an audio processing chain, when very high resolution recordings are tailored for the final lower resolution listening medium. Of all 'standard' digital audio processes, re-quantization is arguably the least understood, and is certainly the least intuitive process to apply, given the usual array of 'noise shape' and 'dither type' options. The Ultimate-D perceptibly increases the quality of the audio after re-quantization. Ultimate-D achieves this by applying a combination of proprietary noise shaping and/or dither algorithms which through our research we have determined are psychoacoustically optimal.However the main difference between Ultimate-D and other re-quantisation processors is that the arcane dither types and esoteric noise shape curves are concealed behind an intuitive, simple interface that automatically determines the amount of dither, the type of dither, and the shaping of the noise depending on definable characteristics of the audio signal. In short, the Ultimate-D interface is the first dither plug-in designed for creative audio professionals, and not mathematicians!

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